I want to live in this home

Dartmouth home boasts highest EnerGuide rating – Yahoo! News.

Who knew I was making a green choice?

TV boxes are power guzzlers – Technology & Science – CBC News

According to CBC’s The National one HD PVR uses more energy per year than a new, energy star rated, refrigerator.  This is because a PVR uses the same amount of energy when it is turned off as when it is turned on.  And it adds up – to 446 kilowatts a year.

I got rid of my PVR about a year ago, and I was thinking that I might get another one once the summer is over and the weather gets wintry.  But now, maybe OnDemand or time shifting is the best way to catch up on Glee and Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s great to say that we should plug our electronics in to one central power bar, (that is a green change I need to be more diligent about), and switch the power bar off when not in use.  But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having a PVR?  It can’t record my guilty pleasure television shows if it doesn’t have any power.  I guess breaking my addiction to television is one of the greenest things I can do! If only it didn’t seem so hard!

What is a girl to do???

Bamboo spun with harsh chemicals to make textiles – thestar.com.

Seriously.  This is what I’m talking about.

Now that I have your attention…..If you live in Canada…..GO VOTE!

Happy World Water Day!

Along with being the day that my dear friend Sarah was born, March 22nd is World Water Day.  A day where we should all take a moment and see where we are wasting water and how we can do better to preserve our most precious resource.

“We shall not finally defeat AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, or any of the other infectious diseases that plague the developing world until we have also won the battle for safe drinking-water, sanitation and basic health care.” Kofi Annan

How do you save water?  Do you use the urinal instead of the toilet like Jason Mraz?  If you do use the toilet do you let  it mellow?  Do you wait until you have a full load of laundry or dishes before running the machine?

If you’re looking for ways to save water in your every day life, here is a list of 100 ways to conserve.

Happy saving!

Roll up the rim…..Who wins?

Not me.

Alright. So, that’s not entirely the truth. I won a coffee. One coffee on my first roll up the rim cup of the season.

Then I felt guilty. I had my re-useable coffee mug with me but I didn’t use it on the slim chance that I might win a coffee. Or a donut. Or a car. I’m not picky. I’ll take whatever the rim rolling deities think I deserve.

Then I did it again when I redeemed my free coffee.

Now, here, in this place where I confess my green sins, I must admit I have hardly used my re-useable mug since this extravaganza began. There are two Tim Horton’s on campus, one at the train station and one near my house.  I just can’t bring myself to not spin the wheel of roll up luck each time I re-caffinate throughout the day.

(This is not a confession about my over consumption of coffee AND tea, both of which are imported from far away places.  I acknowledge the un-greenness of this particular vice  but we’ll deal with it in a later post).

I have to wonder…how many others are leaving their green mugs behind for a paper cup in the hopes that they might win the Tim Horton’s lottery?  How much does the environment suffer from this 25 year-long marketing campaign?  I am guilty and I am trying to break the habit.  Seriously.  I’m going to do my best to forget the contest.  The environment is worth more than the slim chance I may win a coffee.   Try as they might to convince me that this year there are more winners, I am not convinced.  Odds are the one coffee I have already won will be the only winner I’ll see this year.

It will be hard to turn my back on the chance to win.  Who doesn’t like winning? Wouldn’t I look cute drinking my coffee in a brand new Matrix???

(It gets good gas mileage, right?)